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I am having trouble logging in!

Please make sure you are NOT using Firefox as a browser, for some reason it likes to cycle into infinity, Chrome works just fine. Do a password resent and you should be A-OK! https://www.alignerfellowship.com/password/new

How do I get Align Promos or CE Credits?  You will receive invitations from Align or Copesthetic CE a couple weeks into the course start up to 30 days beyond the registration deadline.  If you do not receive an invite, please reach out to your designated Align rep for Promos and to Copesthetic CE directly at https://www.copestheticce.com/

We will make an announcement once CE invitations have been sent for your course.  If you are a staff/team member that needs to purchase CE for Aligner Implementation Management please use this link: https://www.alignerfellowship.com/offers/MfF4EZW7/checkout?

I am a resident or full-time faculty in the US or Canada and want to know about the Residency Initiative.

Please sit the resident page here for details: https://www.alignerfellowship.com/residents

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