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January 2022 Aligner Implementation Management Course and Community

Course Description:

Need to locate your Align ID?

First sign into your account:


Then choose account and Dr. Profile then look for the username:

Aligner Implementation management will be facilitated through a private online platform led and moderated by Dr Regina Blevins, where she will teach and review all of her intellectual property on delivering aligner therapy. Think of it as a live and dynamic text book at your fingertips, in the comfort of your home, office, or mobile device without having to travel.

You do not have to be present and in front of a computer at a certain time to participate. Rather, you can view the recordings at your leisure throughout the week. You can review previous weeks’ content and discussion at any time during the course.

All content will be delivered as outlined below with an extra module ahead so that you can review concepts with your team and get a little bit ahead if you choose.  You will have the opportunity for discussion and dialogue of each topic along the way in the online community.

After the 2-month course, the “graduates” will remain in the community study group to continue to learn and participate with their fellow graduates/peers to further review for a period of 6 months.

Via a collaboration with Align’s Invisalign Pro team, we have support from a dedicated group of their clinical advisors, allowing for live treatment planning assistance to foster the growth of a Clincheck Coordinator within your office. This group of advisors are specific to our course, and familiar with all of the biomechanic philosophies we impart during the lectures. This is an incredible adjunct to have, in addition to the didactic information. Please note this support from Invisalign Pro is currently only available for orthodontists in North America.

Course Prerequisites: It is expected the doctors who register for this course have a comprehensive understanding of orthodontic biomechanics with at least 2 years of full-time orthodontic practice and advanced training.

Teaching methods: Online Video Lectures, Articles, Group Discussions

Course Duration: 8 weeks with access to the online course and study group, with an additional 6 months of access to all content for review.

Total Video Duration: 8 Hours

CE Credits: CopestheticCE designates this activity for 10 lecture, 0 participation continuing education credits 

Doctors will automatically receive access to obtain 10 hours of ADA CERP Credits for the course as part of the course tuition. CE for individual team members will be available for an additional fee of  $100 per person. This must be purchased before completion of the 8 week course and cannot be added afterward.

Aligner Implementation Management Course Outline

Week 1 New Patient Acquisition

The benefits of clear aligners integration will be discussed, along with a review of the profitability and efficiency of having a higher aligner share of chair. The new patient phone call, and best practices on how to prepare prospects to be your patients will be reviewed.

Week 2 New Patient Exam

Learn virtual pre-exam best practices and the steps to delivering a WOW in-office exam using iTero for education and increased treatment acceptance.

Week 3 Treatment Coordinator - A Doctor's Extension

Submit efficient case prescriptions for proper clear aligner digital treatment plan workups, after learning how to organize and implement preferences and special instructions for various case types.

Week 4 Case Submission and Tracking Process

Organize your ClinCheck case types and learn key tips and tricks to track your digital treatment plans from initial submission through delivery.

Week 5 ClinCheck Coordinator and Review

Establish the role and purpose of the ClinCheck coordinator. Evaluating initial setups, details of making 3-D modifications and optimizing communications with CAD CAM technicians.

Week 6 Initial Delivery

Make optimal initial deliveries, use video wear and care instructions and setup the MyInvisalign app. Learn to effectively use virtual fit assessments.

Week 7 Invisalign Virtual Care and Virtual Appointments

A deep dive into virtual fit assessments with images. Virtual appointments with Zoom including scripting, record capture and storage options. A review of Grinscope as an option for virtual appointments will also be discussed.

Week 8 Refinements and Debond

Refinement ClinCheck reviews and protocols will be discussed. 

Protocols for a non-aerosol debonding technique will be reviewed, along with pre-fab laser cut lingual wires, pre-debond scanning and retainer subscriptions. *Course is available for replay for 6 months from start date.

Educational objectives: Upon course completion, participants should understand how to implement systems for integration of clear aligners into their practice. Participants will also understand protocols for patient management, from the initial phone call, consultation, case submission and to finally aligner delivery. Lastly, participants will better understand appointment monitoring, refinements, and debonds protocols.

Course materials: Online videos hosted on a learning platform, along with handouts for personal use, articles to read from manufacturers and peer reviewed journals that are topic specific, CE verification after passing quizzes, access to the group for 6 months as a private study group, and a peer enhanced forum for continued learning.

Course location: Registrants will be emailed specific details to join a private Kajabi (online learning platform) group where an interactive group discussion based on the written and video course materials will ensue for the duration of the course as well as 6 months after.


Dr. Regina Blevins

Dr. Regina Blevins started her career in dentistry in 1980 as a Dental hygiene graduate of CS Mott community college. She attended the University of Michigan where she received her degree in dentistry. Her appreciation and love for the fine art of the cosmetic side of dentistry led her to pursue her orthodontic graduate training at the University of Minnesota, where she received her Master of Science and a certificate in orthodontics.

Dr. Blevins enjoys staying up to date on the latest developments in orthodontics by maintaining a rigorous continuing education schedule and by following current orthodontic research. National speaking events on behalf of Invisalign and Aligntech is a passion for Dr. Blevins and has led to her teaching dental students at the University of Minnesota.

Instructor Conflict of Interest Disclosure: The instructor reports financial interest in the products or companies discussed in his lecture.

Guest instructors 

Contact person: Ashley Goehring, [email protected]

CE Provider: CopestheticCE is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider, CopestheticCE Education Policies Link

This continuing education activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) through joint efforts between CopestheticCE and Aligner Intensive Fellowship.

Refund and cancellation policy: Once purchased, this course cannot be canceled or refunded.

Course Feedback Policy: During the viewing period, participants will have access to a private online group for interaction and further feedback for an additional 6 months.

Commercial Support: CopestheticCE reports that no commercial support has been provided for this course.