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The Aligner Intensive Fellowship Forum 18 – February 13, 2023

A Comprehensive Course Reviewing the Biomechanics of Clear Aligner Therapy for Every Malocclusion, Including Clinical Systems and Business Considerations.

NOTE: It is expected that participants have a comprehensive understanding of orthodontic biomechanics with at least 2 years of full-time orthodontic practice and advanced training.

What you'll get:

  • On Demand Video Lectures on 12 Unit Topics over 17 Weeks (Available for one year from when the course begins.)
  • TAIF Community Q and A Forum Access for One Year
  • *Access to Invisalign Pro in North America
  • 45 hours of ADA CERP from our third-party partner, CopestheticCE
  • $1700 off of Align Lab Fees!
    *North American first-time enrollees only!
    $100 off each Invisalign Teen case up to $1700.

If you are retaking the course or are a member of faculty, residency, military, or multiple partner/associate practice please contact us for special pricing. [email protected]

Detailed Course Information

Need to locate your Align ID?

First sign in to your account:

Then choose Account and Dr. Profile then look for the Username:


What People Are Saying:

"A true "course" on par to a residency course in terms of comprehensive nature, organization, and course objectives." "You gave me the brain power to achieve amazing results and showed me your amazing results. This class was amazing!!!"

"Maz and Jonathan are great people and leaders in the orthodontic community and the course was well worth it and every resident should be enrolled in this course."

"The Fellowship made me so much more secure, I now modify my Clinchecks understanding exactly what I'm doing. I'm so much more secure speaking with patients about treatment mechanics when they ask. (I have a few engineers that are always eager to know!) But mostly I feel I can offer it to so many different patients now, not just easy cases."