Fundamentals of Aligner Orthodontics


Participants must have completed at least two years of full-time orthodontic specialty training within a certified university residency program. If your status as an orthodontic specialist is non-verifiable, access will be revoked without a refund.  


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Fundamentals of Aligner Orthodontics is meticulously designed for orthodontic professionals eager to master the art of aligner therapy.  This comprehensive course offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of aligner tooth movement, focusing on the critical differences between force-driven and displacement-driven systems. 

Embark on a journey to hone your skills in digital treatment plan design tailored for the vast majority of aligner-eligible malocclusions.  Learn to adeptly design force systems, leveraging optimized attachment solutions or conventional mechanics to effectively treat a wide range of malocclusions, including deep bites, open bites, Class II and III malocclusions, and early treatment scenarios. 

Gain specialized knowledge in designing aligners for adolescents, addressing Phase I movements with precision and care.  Develop a strategic mindset for managing refinements and achieving impeccable occlusal finishings, a hallmark of successful aligner treatment.

Moreover, this course will equip you with essential business planning insights to enhance aligner delivery within your practice, setting a foundation for growth and success in the competitive field of orthodontics.

Join us in "Fundamentals of Aligner Orthodontics" and transform your practice with the power of advanced aligner technology.  Empower yourself to deliver consistent results confidently using all the latest Invisalign technology.

Course Prerequisites:  Participants are expected to comprehensively understand orthodontic biomechanics with at least two years of full-time orthodontic practice and advanced training.

Teaching methods:  Online Video Lectures, Online Video ClinCheck Case Reviews, Downloadable Written Articles and Supporting Handouts, Facebook Group Q & A and Case Sharing, and Check for Understanding Unit Assessments.

Course Duration:  August 22nd, 2024 through February 20th, 2025.   6 months with continued access to the content and community discussion areas.

Total Video Duration:  28 Hours


Upon course completion, participants will gain the following:

  • A thorough understanding of aligner tooth movement fundamentals with a focus on force-driven versus displacement-driven systems.
  • Ideal digital treatment plan design methods for the majority of aligner-eligible malocclusions.
  • The ability to design force systems, when conditions and thresholds are met, to use either optimized attachment solutions or to apply conventional mechanics for effective aligner malocclusion treatment planning, including Deep bite, Open bite, Class II, Class III, and Early Treatment
  • Detailed design applications for adolescent aligners where Phase I movements may be indicated.
  • A strategic thought process for addressing refinements and occlusal finishings unique to aligner treatment.
  • Business planning considerations for increased practice aligner delivery.

Fundamentals of Aligner Orthodontics Course Overview

  • Unit 1 – Biomechanics of Orthodontics
  • Unit 2 – Systematic ClinCheck Review
  • Unit 3 – Vertical Dimension
  • Unit 4 – Anteroposterior Discrepancies
  • Unit 5 – Phase 1 / Invisalign First
  • Unit 6 – Structured Refinement and Finishing Considerations
  • Unit 7 – Scaling Your Aligner Practice / Business Considerations

Aligner Fellowship 2.0 Full Course Outlines

Aligner Intensive Fellowship + Invisalign Pro Promotion Eligibility:

Only orthodontists practicing in the United States and Canada (“Doctors”) can participate, and is limited to the first 400 Doctors who qualify.

Doctors must become enrolled in (a) The Aligner Intensive Fellowship (as further described at for the first time, on or before the Enrollment Deadline listed aboveand (b) the Invisalign Pro program offered by Align Technology, Inc. during the Term. To remain eligible for the full discount during the Term, the Doctor must complete the seventeen (17) week course of the Aligner Intensive Fellowship and all Invisalign Pro sessions.

The doctor must own or be employed by an independent orthodontic practice in the United States or Canada. Doctors practicing as part of, or affiliated with, a dental service organization, dental management company, or other multi-practice organization are not eligible to participate in this Promotion.

The Promotion period begins on the Enrollment Deadline and expires on the earlier of (1) four (4) months after the Enrollment Deadline or (2) December 31st of the current calendar year (the “Term”).

Once the Doctor meets the enrollment Requirements in Paragraph 2 above, the Doctor will be entitled to a discount of US$100 or CAN$130 on up to seventeen (17) “Treatments. A “Treatment” is a purchase of Invisalign System – Comprehensive, Invisalign System – Moderate, Invisalign First – Comprehensive, or Invisalign System – Comprehensive Phase 2 that is prescribed to patient under twenty (20) years old at the time of ClinCheck acceptance and for whom the ClinCheck treatment plan is approved during the Term. So long as Doctor continues to meet the course completion Requirements in Paragraph 2 above, Doctor will remain entitled to the discount described.

Subject to the restrictions and requirements, each discount is applied per patient treated with Invisalign clear aligner therapy. Further, each Doctor may qualify for this Promotion only one (1) time.

What Docs are Saying About This Course:

As amazing as the 1.0 course was, 2.0 was EVEN BETTER. The new lecturers really added fresh perspective. This course should be the bare minimum certification course and NOT OPTIONAL before someone uses Invisalign.

Dr. DeFelice

Amazing course, glad I finally took it as it has significantly increased my understanding of how to better setup my Invisalign cases and look at the ClinChecks in a different perspective than I had before the course.

Dr. Croft

This is my second time taking the course, and I appreciated the updated content. You can never see enough Invisalign ClinChecks to understand the nuances of how different cases should best be treated.

Dr. Worthington

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