The Aligner Intensive Fellowship and

Align Technology have teamed up to offer

Invisalign® Fundamentals for Residents

We all know that aligner orthodontics is in ever-increasing demand.  With our vast clear aligner experience in private practice we understand how important this education is for contemporary orthodontists.  Precisely why we have teamed up with Align Technology to offer Invisalign Fundamentals at no cost to orthodontic residents (and full-time faculty).   Our aim is to complement the curriculum of your residency program to ensure that you have a robust, clear aligner education and solid foundation before graduating. 

Starting your professional career with these fundamentals and your Invisalign Certification will allow you to treat cases with Invisalign aligners, and best prepare you to succeed in private practice.  Please be sure to apply right away and let your program director know to submit your proof of residency status for admission to the program.  Registration will be offered as soon as you are confirmed and initial prework access will be granted.  The next course cohort will be offered in August 2022.

Check out the Syllabus!

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What is Invisalign® Fundamentals for Residents?

This program is a self-paced, on-demand curriculum with interactive support from the featured faculty.  The course allows for 6 months to complete the curriculum, finish assessments, and earn your certificate.  To keep access to the course material for your future reference after graduation, you must complete the program within the 6-month period ($1625 Value).  Upon completion of the course, you will also earn your Invisalign® Provider Certification.  There is also complimentary access to Invisalign Pro for live ClinCheck treatment planning support upon course completion.  No CE will be provided for this course.

How can I get access?

STEP 1:  Apply and Get Verified

Apply now to verify your eligibility for the program.

STEP 2:  Officially Enroll

Once your application is approved you will be sent a registration link to get enrolled in the program.

STEP 3:  Complete the Course

You will need to complete the entire course with satisfactory assessments to receive your Invisalign® certification.  This certification traditionally requires in-person training and costs of up to $3000 and is required in order to submit cases upon graduation, in private practice.

STEP 4:  Join the Case-Sharing Community

After completion and a final survey, you will be invited to start sharing aligner cases in the case-sharing online community with all your peers from residency and private practice. This will also allow for treatment planning of aligner cases, guided by our faculty.